We hold weekly parties – all are welcome.  They are held every Saturday at 2pm SLT (please be aware of daylight saving in your local area).

Our party themes are vast, they range from Forest Creatures, Dark Fae, Halloween, Mer, Summer Solstice and Alice in Wonderland to Leather & Latex and Darkness.

Every party has its own special setting designed specifically for it and themes are as varied as possible. People love them and our wonderful DJs ensure glorious music. They are Lysana Firebride. Astoria Luminos and Eth Tedeschi.
Every sexual orientation and every gender is very welcome.  Costumes are always incredible, making voting for the Costume Contests extremely hard.  Apart from being tremendous fun to attend, Chiaroscuro Parties make everyone feel welcome and accepted.
Make new friends.  Come and let your hair down!