Greville Oh – Chairman

Founder of ChiaroscroGLBT & Fantasy Gay Pride.  Elf of the shadows. dark and bright, Dark Prince of Chiaroscuro & Magick, Gay Elven Mature sims, created with help from dear friends. I am gender-gifted, a Trans: intersex.  Pagan, Healer. Sensitive, Counsellor, Tarot Reader & Astrologer. Film maker.  Love giving themed parties! Organiser for Fantasy Gay Pride working with incredible creators. RL & SL are one for me.

Blackdog Ashbourne

Treasurer & Technical Consultant
Creator of the Empower Magick & Immortals HUDs.
Cast cool spells on your friends! Protect yourself and those you care about from harm!
Cast powerful combat spells! Empower Magick makes it all easy.
For more information on the Empower Magick range, including the full user guide and a video of the HUD in action, please visit our home page:
A 24 hour time limited demo version of the Deluxe HUD is available from the vendors in our stores at Smallhaven (95,186,51)

Karalia Halostar – Secretary

Karalia_ Myths & Mythos, Cabrian Dreams (216, 166, 3501)


I have moved to Chiaroscuro as their Chief Creator and Regent.  Slowly all my creations are moving there including much that is brand new and unique.  Right now there is a Mythos paltform of beautiful sound healing and magical work – you can teleport there by taking a breathtakingly fast giant butterfly flight from the Marketplace, outside my display store that shows examples of my work such as fantastic buildings and teleports you to my rezzing area on Magick.  You name it, I have probably made it and scripted it!   From castles to gowns, music of the spheres to lovely trees that change season en masse at  one click of the mouse.  Feel free to ask me, I do custom work when I can.

Aznana Shieldmaiden

My blood holds the wisdom of the Elves & the whimsy of the Fae: I’m dark; I’m light.
Approach with caution! Shape shifter ☼ wise woman.  Small & young at heart, but NOT a child = 1387 years old!  Manager of The Boom Pony – It’s all about the music.
Blogger, and Event Coordinator for Fantasy Gay Pride.  I cover a few select stores, designers and theme events each week. I review the events and will try to direct you to things that are worth visiting.
You can find my blogs here:
Flickr here :

Solen Karu

This is my first time as a charity Trustee, Grev finds my advice and support
invaluable he tells me.

I am committed to supporting ChiaroscuroGBLT in all its endeavours,
promoting tolerance, understanding and above all, promoting the freedom
for you to be exactly who you are meant to be.
To contact one of the trustees, please use the form below, or use Instant Message
in-world within SecondLife ™